Photographic Websites and WordPress

It has been said that WordPress is not perhaps the best thing to use for a photographic website but what is meant by that is that it can always be used to create a good website, even a photographic website but, the support that WordPress gives to a photographic website is not perhaps as good as the support it offers regular website. If wordpress support for photographers is not thought to be adequate, there are other sources for that support and so perhaps WordPress should still be used to create the website as, with 50% of all websites currently online having been created with it, it is obviously very proficient.

Although the creating of a good website is essential, it is also essential to ensure that the website is visited as, if it isn’t, its quality hardly matters. As mentioned WordPress can be used to ensure a good website creation but it will be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which will ensure that the website attracts visitors. SEO is therefore considered as one aspect of website support and in order for a website to become effective and stay effective, maintaining SEO support to the site must be a priority.

One of the most popular and the most effective forms of SEO is what is known as keywords. Keywords are words or phrases which are embedded into a website’s text where it is detected by search engines when they carry out requested online searches. Although any site which is relevant to a search request should be present on the search engine’s list of results, as that list may contain thousands of websites, the chances of any one site being seen by the searcher are unlikely unless the site happens to be among the top of the list. Keywords, however, having brought the engine’s attention to the website they are embedded in, will ensure that that site is in that top 3 or 4.

If a photographic website does not have enough text to be able to embed keywords, backlinks can also be effective. A backlink is a link to a website which is placed on another, host website and so when visitors visit the host, they will be encouraged to also visit the linked to the site. For better results, it is appropriate that both the host and the linked to the site to be of a similar nature with similar interests. For the best results using backlinks, the host should already be a popular website as the more visitors it receives, the more are likely to visit the linked to the site.

Once SEO has been applied to a website and the website is of good quality, the website is a good marketing strategy but things online are subject to change, it is always best to have someone monitor a website so as to be able to identify any drops in visitor numbers and then renew SEO if necessary and many SEO specialists will do this if hired on a contract basis.

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